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Lawyer services in civil law

Preliminary study and analysis of the circumstances of the case and the documents provided by the principal, materials on the case

Development of a legal position on the issue and recommendations for pre-trial settlement of the dispute

Oral or written legal opinion

Meeting with debtors and creditors, representing the client's interests in court at all stages

Analysis of all possible paths of development of events, warning of possible failures

Participation in negotiations of the parties and settlement of the issue by way of settlement agreement

Preparation of documents required for the transfer of authority to third parties

What is the difference between a pleader and a lawyer in a bankruptcy case?

The difference between a pleader (advocate) providing bankruptcy services from a lawyer (bankruptcy administrator) is that the pleader (advocate)  has the status of an advocate and has passed the appropriate exam in the manner prescribed by law (Federal Law “On the Advocate Activity” No. 63 of 31.05.2002. ). A bankruptcy lawyer, in its turn, has more experience in bankruptcy cases (in cases of economic disputes), since this is his specialization.

It is important to separate these two concepts. The main thing is that your representative has a higher legal education, or an academic degree in jurisprudence. Mandatory requirements for a representative in bankruptcy cases having a pleader (advocate)’s status are not established by law.

The status of a pleader (advocate) gives its owner the right to conduct criminal cases in courts, that is, to defend those accused of committing criminal offenses. In the case of bankruptcy cases and all other economic disputes, the indisputable priority is given to lawyers specializing in economic disputes, mainly in bankruptcy cases.

Important! Thus, there is no difference in how do you call your representative in economic disputes, in a bankruptcy case of a citizen or company, a pleader (advocate) or a lawyer or a representative, all of them are lawyers and have the right to represent your interests in court hearings.

There is no significant difference, but most people who are far from jurisprudence find it easier and more convenient to call their lawyer- a pleader (advocate) in economic disputes, although a lawyer in a bankruptcy case is better versed in this matter.

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